Hamlin Control
center software

Your Hamlin Control Center Software gives you the ability to target the right opportunities faster and more effectively so your team can spend more time on test drives than at their desk. Spend more time with buyers, sell more cars. It’s just that simple!

We’ll provide you with one click prospecting, predictive analysis, multiple contact methods, market research, detailed reporting, a bullet proof service to sales strategy and a powerful mobile app. Take control of your information!

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Lucas Walls, SouthTowne Hyundai Newnan, SouthTowne Hyundai Riverdale

Our stores have worked with Hamlin and Associates for a long time. They keep it simple, they always bring fresh ideas and their program absolutely works. Follow their lead, make sure your team is ready for the traffic and you will make more money. – Lucas Walls, SouthTowne Hyundai Newnan, SouthTowne Hyundai Riverdale

Hamlin market master service strategy

We’ve created the fixed operations marketing program of the future.  The good thing is, you can have it today.  Increase brand loyalty, customer retention and visit frequency in one simple, automated program.  Dealers now have the ability to accelerate customers through their service cycle with the Hamlin Market Master.  Five different, custom tailored messages, seven unique data portfolios and hundreds of customers back into your service department.  All you need to do is say “GO”

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Tommy Russell, Hudson Nissan North Charleston

We have worked with a lot of other direct mail companies over the years, but the most successful relationship has been with Hamlin & Associates. Their campaigns are extremely targeted to customers who are in their buying cycle, but they don’t cherry pick like some other companies do. We want all the opportunities we can get and that’s exactly what Hamlin provides us with. – Tommy Russell, Hudson Nissan North Charleston

Event Sales training

There’s nothing worse than spending money on a marketing promotion and missing opportunities.  We take execution seriously!  Hamlin & Associates will provide a complimentary event sales training for your team to ensure everyone is aware, prepared and excited to maximize every single opportunity.
We focus on the meet and greet, inbound phone inquiry execution, outbound follow up skills and overall knowledge of best practices to take your dealership to the next level.  Your team will enjoy this, we guarantee it.

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