There’s nothing worse than spending money on a marketing promotion and not executing properly. We take this seriously. Hamlin will provide a complimentary event sales training session for your team to ensure everyone is aware, prepared and ready to maximize every single opportunity.

We focus on the meet and greet, inbound phone call handling, outbound cold calling skills and overall knowledge of our program. Your team will enjoy this, we guarantee it. Interested to see what this will look like for your store? Request a demo now!

“Our staff is much more engaged because Hamlin makes sure everyone on our team is aware of the campaign and how to handle the traffic.”

Mike Porro, Honda World

I have worked with John Hamlin and Hamlin & Associates for 10 years. Like most other people who own car dealerships, I am constantly being asked to sit through presentations or receiving packages with the “latest and greatest” in direct mail from other companies around the country. I can tell you this, no one does what Hamlin does and keeps it as simple as they do. Simple gets done. I follow their advice, our staff is trained before every promotion and we’re successful. If you’re ready for a better direct mail partner, call Hamlin & Associates right now. – Mike Porro, Honda World