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Your Hamlin Control Center Software gives you the ability to target the right opportunities faster and more effectively so your team can spend more time on test drives than at their desk. Spend more time with buyers, sell more cars. It’s just that simple!

We’ll provide you with one click prospecting, predictive analysis, multiple contact methods, market research, detailed reporting, a bullet proof service to sales strategy and a powerful mobile app. Take control of your information!

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David Maus, David Maus Automotive Group

There are several automotive direct mail companies from which to choose. We believe Hamlin and Associates is the best option for our business. John Hamlin and his staff have earned a reputation as truly understanding what drives customer need and behavior, and tailoring their campaigns accordingly. They are very open and objective in measuring results, and making any necessary alterations to future mailings, to maximize effectiveness. Simply put, Hamlin and Associates has our best at heart, not their own. – David Maus, David Maus Automotive Group

Hamlin market master service strategy

We’ve created the fixed operations marketing program of the future.  The good thing is, you can have it today.  Increase brand loyalty, customer retention and visit frequency in one simple, automated program.  Dealers now have the ability to accelerate customers through their service cycle with the Hamlin Market Master.  Five different, custom tailored messages, seven unique data portfolios and hundreds of customers back into your service department.  All you need to do is say “GO”

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Rob Mariani, Maxon Hyundai Mazda, Maxon Buick GMC

I have tried multiple mail companies. It seems like a lot of these companies focus on one or two things whether it be the big saturation campaigns, subprime, equity etc. Let’s face it, hitting the same credit list every month gets old fast. What I like about using Hamlin is that I know every opportunity is being covered. They use many different letters on each campaign and every customer receives a custom letter based on what criteria they fit. This makes it much easier for my BDC to handle the calls being generated and set better appointments. I like that they don’t use any gifts on my campaigns and the fact that their program drives this kind of traffic without gifts or gimmicks speaks for itself. Give them a call. – Rob Mariani, Maxon Hyundai Mazda, Maxon Buick GMC

Event Sales training

There’s nothing worse than spending money on a marketing promotion and missing opportunities.  We take execution seriously!  Hamlin & Associates will provide a complimentary event sales training for your team to ensure everyone is aware, prepared and excited to maximize every single opportunity.
We focus on the meet and greet, inbound phone inquiry execution, outbound follow up skills and overall knowledge of best practices to take your dealership to the next level.  Your team will enjoy this, we guarantee it.

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