We keep it simple. Your Hamlin Control Center Software gives you the ability to target the right opportunities faster and more effectively so your team can spend more time on test drives than at their desk. Spend more time with buyers, sell more cars. It’s just that simple!

How do you find more buyers to speak with? Look no further! We’ll provide you with one click prospecting, predictive analysis, multiple contact methods, market research, detailed reporting, a bullet proof service to sales strategy and a powerful mobile app. Take control of your information!

Tired of the paying big money for the same old bullet with a fresh coat of silver paint? We figured. Forget about the subscriptions, retainers and reoccurring software expenses every month. We have a plan to help you and dealers report savings of up to $10,000 a month by partnering with Hamlin & Associates. You should see what goes on behind the scenes…

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Peter Zorzy, NY Auto Giant

I learned about Hamlin & Associates through a gentleman from Florida who showed up at my store one day. For some reason I wanted to learn more about what they did. After spending an hour with Grant, we decided to move forward at Atlantic Hyundai and have since done many successful campaigns together at multiple other locations. I’ve been in the car business for quite a few years and have done a lot of direct mail, but the Hamlin program really is different. They make the phone ring and the conversations are very easy for our teams to handle. We set a lot of appointments and the Hamlin team always makes sure that we’re ready. The worst thing that can happen on any marketing campaign is to spend the money and not have your team prepared or aware of going on. That simply doesn’t exist with Hamlin. Their software is the best I’ve seen and I like not having to pay for it every month. We sell a lot of cars with their program and I’m thankful for our relationship with Hamlin & Associates. – Peter Zorzy, NY Auto Giant